Learn More about the Higg DDM

What is the Higg Design & Development Module (DDM)?

Designers and developers can control upwards of 80% of a product's environmental impact. Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) members quickly realized that designers were not appropriately equipped with tools that teach them how to reduce this impact. Together, members created the Higg DDM to give their design teams quick and simple guidance to reduce the impact of a product. This tool is meant to be used very early in the product creation process, before the impact has already been made by producing a sample.

How do I get started?

If you want to get started right away, you can click on "Create a New Product" in the top of your Product Library and begin scoring products!

We recommend taking a few steps first to get the most out of your Higg DDM experience:

  1. Set up your brand's seasons
  2. Set up brand-specific product descriptions you want to include in your product information
  3. Create your custom material library in the Higg MSI
  4. Set up your Trim Library
  5. Create product templates
Here's some more information:

Set up your Brand's Seasons

Brands have very different seasons, so your account manager will need to assign what seasons are relevant for your brand. Begin by clicking on the Manage Brand page (found in the Manage Company page, which you can access through your initials in the top right have corner. This is not available if you're not an Account Manager). Here, the accout manager can add applicable seasons for each brand within that account. The seasons created will be available for you to assign to products when you add product information.

Set up other Product Descriptions

Brands have all kinds of ways to organize their products, and they want products in the DDM to be categorized in ways that are relevant for their particular brand. For example, a brand might want to specify specific Business Units or Company Categories for their products. Account managers can also create up to two additional "Company Descriptors" in the Manage Brand page. Once set up, designers and developers will be asked to include this product-specific information in their assessments. This information will show in Product Libraries and can be used for sorting and filtering.

Create your Custom Material Library in the Higg MSI

You are welcome to use any MSI materials in your product. But some of these are generic materials and some may be your companies specific materials. We recommending adding a reasonable amount of company-specific materials before starting the design assessment. Check out the Learn More section for of the Higg MSI for more instructions.

Set up your Trim Library

There are some trims automatically in your Trim Library that you are welcome to use in your product assessment. But it's best if you can make these trims a bit more specific to what your company actually uses. You can do this by clicking on "Create a New Trim" in the top right of your Trim Library and specifying the materials and their amounts used in each trim. You can also select one of the existing trims and tweak it to match your company's. Once your trims are final, they will be available for selection in your product assessment.

Create Product Templates

Depending on your company, some of the answers in the assessment might be the same for many products (or even all products). This is especially true if your company has certain End of Use or durability policies. In the spirit of completing DDM scores in 2 minutes or less, Account Managers can create templates for designers and developers to use when scoring designs. This can be done by clicking on "Create a New Product Template" in the Product Library. When the template is final, other users can select that template (with answers already selected) when beginning an assessment.

How do I score a product?

Simply begin by clicking on "Create a New Product" at the top of your Product Library. After you fill in some basic product information, you will be directed to a product assessment. This is where you can answer a few quick questions under the following topics:

  • Materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Care & Repair
  • End of Use
  • Quality & Lifetime
If your materials are already set up in the MSI, scoring a product should take 2-3 minutes.

Security and Confidentiality

SAC agrees to:

  • Hold the design data in strict trust and confidence.
  • Refrain from using or permitting others to use the data in any manner or for any purpose not expressly permitted by the Terms of Use.
  • Refrain from disclosing or permitting others to disclose the data to any third party without obtaining your express prior written consent on a case by case basis.
  • SAC may disclose data and authorize use of such data consistent with the Terms of Use with contractors and service providers who have executed an agreement imposing on the contractor obligations of confidentiality consistent with this provision.
  • SAC will protect the data from unauthorized use, access, or disclosure in the same manner as SAC protects its own confidential or proprietary information of a similar nature, and with no less than the greater of reasonable care and industry-standard care.
For more information, please refer to the Terms of Use and Security Overview below.

What can I learn?

Some of the most value of the DDM can come from the analytics. There are two main screens to analyze your products:

  1. Product Comparison: in your Product Library, you can click on up to three products to compare your answers and scores for each section between product, to a company average, and to an industry average.
  2. Analytics: you can compare groups of products in the Analytics section. Try comparing a product category across seasons, your company's outdoor jackets to the industry's outdoor jackets, or industry boots to industry cleats!

Need More Help?

If you still need help, feel free to reach out to SAC at product@apparelcoalition.org or click on the Help widget in the lower right hand corner.